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Dear Patients,  

We are writing to share important news about a significant change to our appointment system which will improve how The Chislehurst Partnership delivers healthcare services to you.  

From 8th April 2024, The Chislehurst Partnership will be introducing a new method of providing you with the most appropriate and timely care. Care navigation is being introduced to improve accessibility to primary care services and includes triage by experienced GPs and clinicians to support patients. 

You will still be able to contact us via eConsult, telephone and in person at reception; however, the way your requests are managed will be different. 

The most noticeable change will be when you initially contact us, your enquiry or appointment request will be recorded by our care navigators to be reviewed by the clinicians to decide which member of our healthcare team is best placed to help. 

This approach is often referred to as triage and is recommended by NHS England to improve accessibility to primary care services. Our aim is to ensure that you only have to contact us once about a problem and to take away the need to be “first in the queue”, be that on the phone, in person or via our digital access. The extremely high demand on General Practice and a rapidly expanding team of health care professionals makes triage a much safer way of getting you to the right person at the right time. 

Our Care Navigators (formerly known as Receptionists) have been trained by our GPs to ask for information regarding your concerns which they will record in your medical record. This information is important as it will allow assessment of the clinical need along with any other factors to ensure you are directed to the most suitable person to care for you. When you need an appointment this will be offered within a specified time set by the clinician.  If your request does not require an appointment e.g. medical certificate renewal or other administrative matter a member of our team will notify you when this is completed. 

Whilst we realise that this is a change in how appointments are normally booked, we believe it is important to provide safe and equitable access for all patients according to their clinical need, with the most appropriate clinician, at the right time.  We are grateful for your understanding as we introduce this new way of accessing care.  

Thank you for your continued support with the services we deliver to our patients. We would be grateful for your patience with our team as they implement this change. Your feedback is welcome via our website and we will review this new process to ensure continual adjustment within the system based on suggestion and need for improvement. Please ask our team if you have any questions and see the FAQ’s to assist with some of your immediate queries. 

On behalf of the Partners and team at The Chislehurst Partnership 


How can I book an appointment with a GP? 

We request that most patients begin to contact us via the NHS app or our website where they will be asked to complete an online questionnaire (eConsult) when making a request. If you are unable to complete this our Care Navigators can help.  When you contact the practice, you will be asked a few questions by our Care Navigator regarding your enquiry. This information will be recorded in your medical record and assigned to a GP or clinician to review within 3 working days. They will decide on the most suitable clinical care pathway for your medical concern, which may be an appointment with a GP. However, there are many other clinicians working within our practice and you may be advised to have an appointment with a Paramedic, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Clinical Pharmacist and Physician Associate to manage your care.  

Our Care Navigation team are unable to access appointments, all patient enquiries will be triaged by a GP/clinician to review your medical need.  

Can I still send my request via eConsult? 

Yes, eConsult is available 7am to 7 pm. However there is a limit to the number of enquiries the triaging team can safely process each day.  The eConsult system will close once this limit has been reached and re-open the following day for routine enquiries. We continuously review this process and are working towards expanding this service. 

How do I submit repeat prescription requests? 

There are many ways you can request a prescription, via your NHS App, Patient Online Access, local pharmacy, written request into the practice, or by going on to our website – clicking on the repeat prescription icon, where you will find a simple form to complete.

How do I make routine Nurse or Healthcare Assistant appointments?  

Many of the Nursing team appointments are available to book via the NHS app or Patient Online Access. The appointments have a clear description to help you select the correct option, for example ‘Blood Pressure Check’ or ‘Smear’.  These appointments can also be booked by telephoning the Practice. 

Introducing ‘Pharmacy First’ 

The new Pharmacy First service enables participating community pharmacists to support patients without the need to visit your GP practice.  

Patients suffering with any of these conditions can be treated with an appropriate antibiotic/ antiviral medicine:-  

  • sinusitis  
  • sore throat  
  • earache  
  • infected insect bites  
  • impetigo  
  • shingles  
  • uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women  

Should you be suffering with any of these conditions, you can visit any participating local pharmacy.