New Group Clinics

Our new and modern way of seeing patients.

It has been successfully used in many GP practices across the country.

We will have our group clinics for our patients within the primary care network, once a month starting at the end of April.

We have decided to first organise the group clinics for patients with Type 2 diabetes whose annual review is due. We hope, after a successful start, we will be able to offer group clinics to patients with other conditions (e.g. menopause, high blood pressure, HRT etc).

During the group clinics, there will always be a clinician (most times a specialised nurse) present who’ll go through the patients’ results individually and will be answering patients’ questions.

Data protection is paramount, and patients will be asked to sign confidential forms prior to the clinics to comply with the GDPR. Everything that will be discussed during the group clinics must stay between those taking part.

The sessions will provide opportunity for patients to meet other patients with the same health challenges, share experiences and advice on how to manage their conditions.

The clinics initially will be run online using MS Teams, prior to the clinics, all logins and technical requirements will be communicated to patients through a dedicated group clinics e-mail address.

Personal contact details will not be shared with participants.

Below are some videos explaining what group clinics are, how they run and the positive changes the clinics are making in people’s life.

Introduction of Video Group Clinics: