Registration Forms & Questionnaires

Please complete TWO online forms to complete your registration with the practice.

Once you have completed the below form, you will then be prompted to complete your registration by completing the second relevant form.

If you wish to download forms for completion please click here:

If completing PDF versions, for registration to take place, please ensure you return the following documents to the practice. We will not be able to process your registration without them.

Registration Form GMS1

Registration Form (patients aged 5 – 15 yrs)

Registration Form (patients aged 15 yrs and over)

Registration Form (new-born to 4 years inclusive)

Online Access Proxy & Historical Medical Record

If you are in any doubt about which forms to complete, please contact the reception team on 020 8295 2464.

If you or any family member have any disability access requirements, please make these known to us on your registration documentation.

Once registered, if you would like one, please contact reception to book a new patient health check.